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Some Need to Know Things About the Caribbean Premier League

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There are many formats of cricket popular all over the world. One of them is CPL. In this article, we will discuss many of the topics regarding this format of cricket which is one another great success of such tournaments in cricket.

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What is CPL t20

Cpl stands for Caribbean Premier League.  This is just like an IPL in many respects and yet very different from IPL. There are 6 teams in this CPL that will fight with each other to win the title for this year. Just like IPL, this tournament also takes place once in a year, and hence people who love to enjoy this tournament, never miss it.. Most of the rules and terms and conditions of CPL and IPL are the same but even then, there are many more differences between them. 

Effect of COVID 19 Pandemic on it

Just like all the fields of life, the bad effect of the Coronavirus Pandemic can be seen on it too. Actually this year, the CPL t20, which would be the 8th season of the CPL, was to be started much before the time it was going to be started. Earlier all the matches were to be scheduled to be played in six different countries namely Jamaica, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados and Guyana. Due to the outburst of COVID 19, all the previous schedules of the game were postponed. The new dates for this tournament were given a few days before and the tournament started very well. The new dates to be played all the matches are between 10th of August to the 10th of September. The place of this 8th CPL also changed. The new ground for this tournament would be in Trinidad and Tobago and that is too behind the close doors.

Safety and security 

Though the matches are going to be started very soon, the instructions and the other safety measures have been provided to all the players in advance. There are many rules which need to be followed by every player. Out of them all is the rule of two weeks quarantined. Yes, according to this rule, before the starting of the game, the players need to be present at the nearby place where the match would be played. There they will have to spend two weeks of strict quarantine. After this all, the second rule is also very disappointing to the players. According to this rule, all the matches would be played without the presence of the audience. Just like all these, there are many other rules and regulations which were imposed on the players as well as at the local authorities.

Some popular faces in CPL t20

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This year too the sport will too have the popular faces of the cricket and one out of them all is Andre Russel. Just like him, there are many players who are known in the whole world wide very well. Other than this, there are many new players which will be introduced this year in this tournament.

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